What is Public Relations ?



PR is not marketing, nor sales, and for sure not advertising, and not meant to replace any of those. PR is not at all, to brag bigmouthed about your product being the best on the market. PR is a rather discreet art of making a company and its products transparent and understandable to the press and therefore the public. PR starts in a normal situation, not in a crisis to cover mistakes made before! PR is part of company communications, even if external assistants do the work. It is important to have the right sensitiveness and a knowledge of the journalists working environment to be taken serious by the press. 
If you do not know the difference between advertising and public relations, here is a classical definition:
"If a young man meets a girl and tells her, what an admirable fellow he is, thats advertising. 
If instead he tells her how nice she's looking, it's publicity.
But if the girl picks him, because she heard from others, that he's a fine man, then it is public relations."