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Public relations - for us that does not mean just to become very known or to make a lot of business, but to transfer knowledge about a topic in a positive way.

Unluckily a lot of people have a different opinion on that. Another agency already threatened us and wanted to start a lawsuit blaming us on wanting to take away one of their customers. We do not have to do such things - we have enough to do and just wanted to put a portfolio online instead of sending paper around creating unnecessary costs. Unluckily even after the crash of the new economy a lot of those stupid golddiggers out there think that just by putting up a website you become a millionaire.

As you might have heard, the German local radio station "Westdeutscher Rundfunk" in Cologne is also seeing a serious threat to their business in our activities - even and especially in photography and painting, but also in PR. Most other contacts from this webside were nagging as well: insurance agents, lawyers etc. So to save us and yourself time and hassle, please contact our lawyer directly in such cases:

Peter Zimmermann
Gabelsbergerstr. 9
D-80333 München
Phone +49 89 30002838
Fax +49 89 30002837


If you are looking for a PR article however, we suggest you contact that radio company "Westdeutscher Rundfunk" in Cologne. As they are public financed, our prices cannot compete with theirs anyway. They might not exatly make your company more poular, but their powerful law department will be able to smash all your competitors out of business.

For the people we have worked with in the past years we will continue that in the future of course. You have our address and phone number then. We apologize for any inconvenience, but putting it up on this page is not worth the hassle. If you really want to contact us personally, go back to the start page and to "contact" - which is where lawyers never go, so it's a safe place... ;-/

...or you may use the Open Business Club to contact us...that is a commercial platform for networking, which has the advantage, that they will get sued first if somebody wants us to disappear from the internet again ...

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