What is good webdesign ?



"It's okay, as long as it moves and makes some noise" is what a lot of webdesigners seem to think. A bit of java here, a bit of shockwave there, three blinking banners and a midi file...and then a really outrageous colouring like grey letters on a black background... and your customer was never seen again...! 
If you want to hear music, you do not pick up the phone and call your favourate hotline number even, if it's for free. If someone prefers to watch MTV, he would not come to your website instead just for the cool effects and if, what would that do for your business??
Layout on paper has to follow certain rules if it is to look serious and not like it was made in grammar school and it's the same with the web. Less is often more here. 
You can see our design style on these pages. If you like it   we can do the same for you. If you prefer it different   no problem. Just talk to us.